Our Story

Road Ready Photo Booths is a DBA: of BRAM Funding Incorporation. Road Ready Photo Booths specialized in custom designs and fabrication of portable photo booths for DJ’s, Photographers, Wedding Planners, and many entertainment professionals that creates brand promotional experiences across the globe. We are all about experience marketing, creating unique brand experiences that really connect through a creative process with interactive photo booth software that everyone can enjoy. Portable photo booth engineered and designed specially to tell your story as it should be told.

Founded in 2001, Road Ready Photo Booths have been manufacturing custom re-usable shipping case containers for professional DJ’s, event photographers and many touring musicians such as Britney Spears, Madonna, Fleetwood Mac, just to name a few.

In 2009, Road Ready Photo Booths started manufacturing custom road ready cases for Marketing and Promotional company. We designed our first photo kiosk in Mid May of 2009 which was utilized to take pictures in the center of the mall for Christmas event pictures. To say the least, the kids had a wonderful time taking pictures with Santa, and the Marketing company that provided the photo kiosk made a major break through in the portable kiosk world.

In 2010, we opened our first portable photo booth manufacturing facility in Pomona, California. We have customized many portable photo booths for professional Photographers and DJ’s. Road Ready Photo Booths understand the need for convenience of transportation, portability.

Our Vision

“We believe that creating superb branded environments and experiences is a collaborative process. We believe in absolute flexibility; that our relationship with our clients should be a partnership. We believe in listening, learning and living a brand in order to optimize the brand experiences we create. We strive to continually look for ways to take advantage of new mediums for reaching consumers, promoting brand awareness & facilitating exciting and memorable brand experiences. We are here to listen…